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Nvidia’s $100 Trillion AI Industrial Revolution

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Musk v SEC - Elon Musk agreed to testify in the SEC investigation of whether his 2022 Twitter acquisition broke securities laws.

Dark Side - China's Chang'e-6 lander successfully touched down at the South Pole-Aitken Basin on the far side of the moon on Sunday.

Swedish AI Deal - Microsoft will invest $3.2B to expand its AI and cloud infrastructure in Sweden powered by 20k GPUs with Nvidia & AMD chips.

xxxAI - Elon Musk’s X platform will now allow pornography, including AI-generated porn, so long as it is labelled and “consensually produced”.

Crypto Bytes - 1. Pres. Biden vetoed a bill to overturn an SEC policy requiring firms to record customer holdings as liabilities. | 2. State Street is rebuilding its digital assets team, plans to offer crypto custody services.


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Nvidia’s $100 Trillion AI Industrial Revolution Prediction

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang just outlined the $100 trillion opportunity being unlocked by AI and accelerated computing in the "next industrial revolution" that he sees radically transforming every industry globally.

Huang outlined how Nvidia's AI platform spanning silicon, software and services puts it in a unique position to capture value as companies and countries build out the AI infrastructure and applications to drive this “Physical AI” economic and social revolution. A series of announcements demonstrate Nvidia's ambition and momentum to lead this transition:

  • Another next-gen AI chip architecture Rubin, due in 2025

  • A rapid annual update cadence for new AI chip family releases.

  • "AI factories" optimized for accelerated computing and AI at scale.

  • Transforming manufacturing with AI and Digital Twins - by partnering to build robotic factories and AI-optimized operations.

The Competition

AMD also announced new AI chips for data centers and PCs and stated AI is its "number one priority." AMD will also update its chips annually, with the Instinct MI325X, due later this year. AMD's Ryzen processors will also launch in "Copilot+" AI PCs from Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, and Asus.

The CEO of British chip firm Arm known for Apple’s "M Series" chips aims to capture 50% of the Windows PC market in five years as Microsoft and other hardware partners will also tap Arm’s tech for their upcoming AI PCs.

AI is Good for Business

Nvidia led global companies in market cap gains in May, buoyed by strong revenue forecasts that reinforced investor confidence in demand. AMD expects AI chip sales to hit $4B this year, $500M over previous estimates.

BofA predicts the semiconductor run won’t peak until mid-2026 and will benefit three major industry themes: cloud computing, cars, & complexity. While other companies may be taking a share of the PC market, Nvidia is winning the 3D chess game by positioning itself as an integral part of the integration of AI into the physical world with its multi-faceted “Three SSilicon, Software, services approach and Industrial Revolution ambition. BofA’s other top picks to leverage this coming “Physical AI” revolution include Broadcom, NXP Semiconductors, and KLA Corp.

“The Next wave of AI is physical AI, AI that understands the laws of physics, AI that can work among us.”

Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO

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Job Candidates

Request an intro to candidates -  [email protected].

  1. Software Engineering Leader, providing AI solutions. Ex-StoneRiver Enterprise Architect, Arthur Andersen Sr Manager. Arizona State CS degree.

  2. MRI Software Engineer, ex-Epicor Product Developer. Built Chatty, BookStore, and JOTE projects. Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology BE in CS.

Open Deals

Request an intro to founders - [email protected]

PS: A new wave of deals is arriving shortly. Stay tuned!

  1. Drug Development - New York - Non-addictive, non-opioid drug to treat 500 million people with chronic pain. $5.4 million in NIH grants, studies published in peer-reviewed journals. Raising $15 million via SAFE. (Seed+)

  2. Multilingual Messaging Portal - Sydney, AU - Global, AWS-backed SaaS platform for businesses to communicate with clients without language barriers. $300k secured, seeking $650k for U.S. expansion. (Series A)

  3. AI Agent Employees - New York - Sophisticated workflow automation for businesses, by a previously-exited founder. Building towards fully autonomous organizations. Backed by Tribe & Kenetic, rolling out to extensive waitlist. (Seed)

  4. Outbound B2B Campaign AI Co-Pilot - Lexington, MA - Turn any CRM into an AI optimized sales agent for personalized customer campaigns. Founder previous exit to PE. Notable Angel on board. Top Hubspot App. Post revenue. (Seed)


Third Thumb - 3D-printed robotic wearable thumb controlled by the toes.

ElevenLabs -  Text to Sound Effects tool generates effects, soundscapes.

Google - Veo video gen tool can generate video from a single image.


OpenAI - Relaunching robotics team to focus on models over hardware.

SpaceX - Musk plans to launch Starlink Satellite Cellular service this fall.

Digitizing Smell - AI is working to give computers a sense of smell.

World's 1st Bioprocessor - More efficient processors run on brain cells.

Closed Deals:

First Foreign Backer - Leading Chinese AI startup Zhipu AI raised $400M at a $3B valuation. A contribution from Saudi Aramco's venture fund Prosperity7 is the first outside investor to back a major chinese AI firm.

AI Design Concepts - Swiss startup Neural Concept raised a $27M Series B to apply AI to help companies including Airbus, Bosch, & GE etc speed up EV design processes by 75%.

Online Industrial Metals - Atlanta e-commerce marketplace startup Reibus, raised $30M debt & equity from Canaan and Nosara.

Deals to Watch:

Webtoon - LA Online Comics Platform turned profitable in Q1 and grew revenue by 5% with 170M MAU, it revealed in a recent U.S. IPO filing.


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