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Dear Tech Buzz reader,

This one’s for the intellectually inquisitive professionals.

We’re excited to showcase an amazing company we recently partnered with: Brilliant. You’ve probably heard of them—they’re the pioneer of interactive online learning for professionals.

As a Tech Buzz reader, you know better than most exactly how rapidly the world is changing technologically. And while AI itself might not take your job, a human empowered with AI will.

In this new era of AI's rapid progression of influence in the world, Brilliant offers a wide range of courses to help you stay one step ahead. Each lesson is designed for learners of any level to understand various technologies—from LLMs like ChatGPT to quantum computers.

In today's competitive world, understanding AI and its practical applications is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a necessity. With Brilliant, you can gain real knowledge in AI, math, data analysis, and programming in an effective and efficient way. Master the basics of AI with one personalized concept at a time, only a few minutes a day – whenever, wherever. With appealing visuals and interactive lessons, even complex concepts just click.

Brilliant’s suite of learning tools is designed by experts to be uniquely effective and proven to make concepts stick, including interactive quizzes, real-world problem-solving scenarios, and personalized learning paths. They build learners' understanding from the ground up and continuously expose them to hands-on problem-solving, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

The content feels more like your favorite mobile game, with hands-on lessons and features like Streaks and Leagues that let you compete against yourself as well as learners from around the world. Plus, you’ll get personalized reminders to help you stay motivated while having fun and working towards your goals.

So long, doom scrolling. Now when you have a few minutes of downtime, you can be building cutting-edge skills and sharpening your mind. Thanks to Brilliant’s unique approach, becoming a lifelong learner is a goal anyone can reach.

Join 10M+ learners from around the world and start your 30-day free trial today.

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