Limited Time - Beehiiv Series B Round

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We remain committed to providing you with exclusive access to the best deal flow and investment opportunities. Typically, the hottest ventures are gate-kept by inordinate capital requirements and fund exclusivity. Today, we’re bringing you an opportunity to invest alongside Lightspeed Ventures and NEA in the fastest growing newsletter platform, Beehiiv

(PS: other notable investors include Sapphire Ventures, Alex Lieberman, Scott Galloway, and Polaris Capital.)

As a Beehiiv power user, we’ve secured a privileged allocation into their Series B funding round, and are opening this up to you via our venture syndicate Buzz Capital. For a limited time, you can participate in this round as an individual, with minimal capital requirements, via Buzz Capital—simply vote “yes” on the poll below. 


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I want to participate in the Beehiiv Series B round alongside NEA and Lightspeed.

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Why Tech Buzz x Beehiiv makes sense

As an enterprise power user, we at Tech Buzz can personally attest to the game-changing capabilities of Beehiiv. The team has been shipping tons of powerful tools that have been gamechangers providing huge unlocks in our business:

  • The Beehiiv ad marketplace has been a major driver behind our 5-figure advertising revenue growth.

  • Running engagement campaigns like our popular #BUZZCHALLENGE is impossible on platforms like Substack

  • Launching our Business Pro membership tier in addition to Premium was made possible thanks to Beehiiv's latest update to their subscription features

Quite simply, Beehiiv has been a critical partner in Tech Buzz's own growth story. They have empowered us to drive better personalization, better content, and more value to you. And now you have the chance to invest in them.

About Beehiiv

Co-Founded in 2021 by Tyler Denk after scaling Morning Brew for three years, Beehiiv stands as the hottest newsletter backend on the market. Why Beehiiv over Substack or Ghost? 

  1. Ads: Beehiiv focuses strongly on helping newsletters monetize themselves. In 2023 they acquired Swapstack, a newsletter advertising marketplace. By doing so, Beehiiv seamlessly connects advertisers to newsletters, collecting a fee in the middle. Advertisers no longer have to scout strategically relevant newsletters and pester them for metrics—it’s all available in the platform. And newsletters get access to high-quality advertisement opportunities for their sends which can be placed into their editors with a couple clicks. As a newsletter on Beehiiv ourselves, we can attest to this feature being a major value add. 

  2. Platform: The Beehiiv dashboard has always been robust. The newsletter editor exposes low-level features sure to meet any newsletter’s needs, demonstrating the built-by-writers nature of the company. Further, their tracking mechanisms are comprehensive, giving newsletters the ability to easily monitor, segment, and engage with subsets of their community automatically.

  3. Team: Beehiiv’s core is its people, and its people are highly knowledgeable and capable. We’ve personally worked with many of them and can attest to their efficiency, capability, and expertise. From deliverability to ads to growth, they have their bases covered and they have an open ear to their best customers when developing new features. The team ships fast, adjusts when necessary, and capitalizes on their edge.

As an early Beehiiv user, Tech Buzz has locked in an allocation even though the round is highly oversubscribed. Given high demand, we expect this community round to fill up quickly. Respond to the poll ASAP to secure your spot and access special terms through our syndicate.

We're thrilled to share this opportunity with you and look forward to having you join us on Beehiiv’s exciting journey ahead! As always, shoot us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions.


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