LinkedIn + TechCrunch = Tech Buzz

Dear Reader,

We are inviting you and other select Tech Buzz members to join us in our journey. The Tech Buzz is actively seeking strategic partners for 1) partnerships, 2) network growth, 3) investment to execute the next evolution of The Tech Buzz brand.

We currently leverage a data driven approach to intelligently connect the Tech Buzz network together for jobs, capital, and product growth. The connection engine we are building is disrupting suboptimal workflows and dying business models (e.g., recruiting, fundraising, media). If you have not had a chance to review the deck, we have included the product roadmap and what we have done to give more direction.

The Tech Buzz is a premier private network connecting the dots between individuals in the tech industry and propelling the $5 trillion tech industry forward. Already, The Tech Buzz received $2.3M in early capital commitments from multiple members of the network who believe in the next stage of the Tech Buzz vision.

The Tech Buzz Thesis: in the tech industry, quality content and meaningful connections translate to hundreds of billions of dollars in value, from tech news/media, to recruiting and venture capital, to B2B/C sales. By delivering content and connections that create real value, Tech Buzz becomes the nexus of information and connectivity for the entire tech industry.

The Tech Buzz ecosystem includes:

  1. Media Network – Comprehensive media portal and newsletter that deliver news and insights on the latest technological advancements.

  2. Capital and Job Introductions – AI-driven intro agent that connects investors, job seekers, founders, and business owners.

  3. Global Predictions Game – Forecast global economic trends and emerging technologies.

  4. Virtual Events Space – AR/VR platform that hosts job fairs, startup accelerators, and networking events for tech professionals.

  5. E-commerce Store - Marketplace for tech products and discounts from our network of startups and investors.

In an ecosystem where social networks and publishing platforms are increasingly cluttered with generic content and superficial connections, Tech Buzz stands out.

After launching Tech Buzz, we found that the tech Industry is surprisingly disconnected. We immediately saw an opportunity to leverage our data to connect our network together– investors with startups, funded startups with talent. Beyond ads, these themselves are billion dollar industries.

Aaron Rafferty, Co-founder, The Tech Buzz

We are a rapidly expanding ecosystem at the heart of the tech industry, on track to reach 2 million people by 2025, and hyper-focused on driving meaningful outcomes for individuals.

As the world becomes inundated with information, quality content and connections are increasingly scarce. While others chase the next thing – be it Web3, AI, Quantum, Robotics, or Space – we have found our niche at the center of innovation, delivering value across audiences and riding each wave of technological advancement.

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